Materials Science and Storage

Use the Right Material for the Right Conditions Applied at the Right Time

No one material is right for every winter condition. Be strategic about what materials you keep on hand. Take time to understand the melting properties of each material and understand how the materials work under different conditions. A simple way to remember this is using the three “Rights”: use the RIGHT material for the RIGHT conditions applied at the RIGHT time.


Phase Diagram

Clear Roads - Understanding the Salt Phase Diagram

Clear Roads – Training Video for Field Testing of Deicer Materials

Iowa DOT - How Deicing Chemicals Work

Protect Materials and Use Proper Storage

Protect your investment and the environment. Use proper storage for all of your winter maintenance materials. Cover salt piles and place the piles on an impervious surface to limit runoff. Store bagged materials indoors or under cover. Shipping containers work great for onsite material storage. Storing liquids properly can reduce leaks and keeps your liquids at the optimal concentrations – ready for use as you need it.


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