When Bare Pavement Is the Target, Liquids Help Get There Faster

Liquids provide many benefits to any winter maintenance program. Dry materials need to dissolve into a solution using the moisture around them before they can start working to break the bond between the snow, ice, and pavement. Instead, liquids (like salt brine) start working immediately and can jump start the deicing process.

  • Anti-icing, the practice of spraying liquid on the pavement surface before a winter snow storm, prevents the snow and ice from bonding to the pavement surface making mechanical clearing faster and more efficient – ultimately reducing how much deicer is needed to achieve safe surfaces.
  • Pretreating or pre-wetting dry materials with a liquid, like salt brine, can reduce bounce and scatter to keep more deicer where it needs to be for safe surfaces.
  • Using a Direct Liquid Application during or after a storm, “Liquid Only Routes”, can be a great way to save on materials and still meet service goals. Because the liquids start working immediately, the benefits of deicing can be realized faster. By adding liquids to their operations some agencies have seen 25-50% savings on materials alone.


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