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Be Salt Smart at Home

Midwest winters can be tough on our roads and commuters. Road salt is used to keep our roads safe, but the cost of using too much salt goes beyond the pavement.

Excess road salt damages vehicles and infrastructure, harms our pets and plants and degrades our rivers and wetlands. Our Watershed Group member communities are using best winter practices to keep you safe while using less salt.

Steps to Be Salt Smart

Because there isn’t a salt product on the market that is completely harm-free, the best thing you as a resident can do is to be Salt Smart with your application. Follow the steps below when clearing driveways and sidewalks:

Graphic: 4 Steps to Be Salt Smart

Here's How You Can Help!

Thank you for doing your part to keep your neighborhood safe and protect our rivers! Here’s how you can help:

  • Be Salt Smart at home! (follow tips in graphic above)
  • Help snow plow drivers do their job better:
    • Don’t Crowd the Plow—give snow plows extra space on the road and do not pass.
    • Do not park on the street after 2” after a snowfall.
    • Remember to not shovel plowed snow pack on the street—it’s unsafe and illegal.
  • Be informed! Learn how salt works, how chlorides pollute local waterways, and what your community does to clear roads, parking lots and sidewalks. Check out the links below to learn more!

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Helpful Websites

WI Salt Wise is a coalition of organizations from across Dane County, WI working together to reduce salt pollution in lakes, streams and drinking water. Their primary goals are to: educate residents, leaders and winter maintenance professionals on salt pollution and solutions, provide training and promote best practices to reduce salt pollution and recognize contractors committed to using the right amount of salt for conditions.

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