Resources for Public Road Agencies

Deicing Workshops

We offer workshops for public road winter maintenance, as well as other regional salt and chloride focused events.

Best Management Practices

View our resources for creating Salt Smart winter deicing operations.

Outreach Materials

Get support for your Salt Smart deicing operations. Let residents know that we can use less salt and still maintain safe roads!

Best Management Practices

How to Calibrate a Salt Spreader

How Deicers Work - Ohio DOT

Helpful Websites

Clear Roads

The Clear Roads research program brings together transportation professionals and researchers from around the country to drive innovation in the field of winter maintenance. Their site highlights events across the nation and often shares the latest research on winter management.

Salt Institute

The Salt Institute is a North American based, non-profit trade association dedicated to advocating the many benefits of salt, particularly to ensure winter roadway safety, quality water and healthy nutrition.

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration – Road Weather Management Program

A source for many publications related to snow and ice including anti-icing, dicing and winter maintenance.

WI Salt Wise

WI Salt Wise is a coalition of organizations from across Dane County, WI working together to reduce salt pollution in  lakes, streams and drinking water. Their primary goals are to: educate residents, leaders and winter maintenance professionals on salt pollution and solutions, provide training and promote best practices to reduce salt pollution and recognize contractors committed to using the right amount of salt for conditions.