Let’s be Salt Smart.

Salt Smart is a collaboration of people and organizations working to reduce the amount of salt, or chlorides, reaching our local rivers and streams. The Salt Smart Collaborative shares information on best practices, organizes deicing trainings and creates outreach materials so we can stay safe on the roads and protect our local waterways.

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Our rivers are getting saltier and saltier.

The salt we use to melt snow and ice in the winter is carried into storm drains and streams by stormwater runoff. Once salt is in the water, it does not break down or go away. High levels of salt in our waterways can harm aquatic life and affect the taste of drinking water sourced from local rivers.

You can help protect our rivers and streams.


Being Salt Smart starts at home.

Learn how to best take care of snow and ice on your driveway and sidewalks.


Roads, parking lots, and sidewalks.

Plow operators and staff who maintain parking lots and sidewalks can learn winter best management practices to cut down on salt, save money and keep us safe.

Salt Smart, an overview:

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Let’s work together!

We invite public agencies, organizations and businesses to join the Salt Smart collaborative and our watershed groups. Gain full access to outreach materials, discounted deicing workshop rates, and more.

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