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What is Salt Smart?

The Salt Smart Collaborative has grown out of a seasonal outreach campaign developed by the Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition in 2016. The topic of chloride reduction has gained momentum over the last few years and through the need for a regional approach SaltSmart.org was born. The Salt Smart Collaborative is a place to learn, share and join forces to reduce the amount of chlorides reaching our local rivers and streams.

The Salt Smart Collaborative is coordinated through The Conservation Foundation and supported by the following organizations. Contact us to find out how to be listed here.

What about safety?

Salt helps to keep our roads and sidewalks safe during the winter, but this salt often makes its way to our local rivers. While salt use is necessary to increase winter safety, we work with municipalities, private companies and residents to be Salt Smart to keep people safe and protect our local water quality.

Want to learn more?

Public agencies, organizations, and businesses are invited to join our watershed groups and gain full access of our chloride reduction outreach material and discounted workshop rates.